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Ribbon Blender for Large-Scale Powder Blending, Paste Mixing, Vacuum Drying

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High Capacity Ribbon Blender

Built with up to 10000L working capacities, large-scale ribbon blenders are ideal for high volume production of powder blends, pastes, and slurries. These versatile blenders can also function as vacuum dryer and are engineered for fast mixing, convenient discharge, easy cleaning, and low maintenance.

1000L jacket typeribbon blenderdriven by a 15kw inverter-duty gear motor. It is equipped with a double ribbon agitator designed for center discharge through a pneumatically-operated dust-tight knife gate valve. Stuffing boxes are packed with braided Kevlar packing and include lantern rings for air purge when handling fine powders or abrasive materials. The two-piece cover features safety switches to prevent operation of the agitator when the cover is open. This jacket typeribbon mixer加热或冷却产品混合. Meanwhile, heating/cooling jacket is available for stainless steel or carbon steel. It could be customized by people’s requirement.

Abster has many standard and sanitary models available. Customization such as heating/cooling paddle agitator, vacuum capability, bag dump station, load cells, and recipe control are also offered.